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    Apache Powerboats is a full service marine shop with advanced technical capabilities for hull repair, rebuilding, and general maintenance.

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Apache Star Breaks World Speed Record, Key West – Havana

History was made by the crew of the Apache Star on Saturday, August 1 when the most famous offshore Deep-V race boat in US history crossed the 110 mile stretch between Key West, Florida USA and Havana, Cuba in world record time of 90 minutes. It is now the fastest crossing between Key West and Havana recorded in history.

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The Apache Star – a two-time World Champion, Kevlar and carbon fiber Deep-V race boat Apache 50 – shattered the previously established speed record with Apache Powerboats owner and offshore performance legend Mark McManus operating the throttles, and owner/entrepreneur Roger Kluh driving, Engineer John Pompi at the gauges, and navigator Damien Sauvage.

The crossing became the first time since 1963 that an American pleasure boat with an American crew has been authorized by the US government to visit Cuba.

‘…I operated the boat as aggressively as I could within safe limits, to try to take care the wellbeing of my crew.” – Mark McManus

The Crew of the Apache Star departed towards Havana Cuba at 10:15am EST from the Stock Island Marina Village in Key West. They experienced rougher than expected seas of 8-10 feet, 60 miles into the trip. The Crew arrived at the Port of Havana 1 hour and 30 minutes later, breaking all previously established records by almost 5 hours.

“ When we arrived at the dock, people were singing and chanting…” – Mark McManus
“The people of Cuba are a warm and happy group of people…” – Mark McManus

A sudden loss in GPS signal occurred 28 miles away from the Port of Havana, all 3 GPS navigation devises on-board the Apache Star lost reception. The Apache Star crew relied on two backup navigation systems which allowed the successful completion of this historic mission.

“Roger Kluh, the driver did a great job steering the boat” – Mark McManus

All four members of the Crew are safely back State-side, the Apache Star is currently at the International Hemingway Yacht Club dry dock awaiting service and maintenance in preparedness for the return to Key West later this month.

The previous record for the fastest Florida-to-Cuba crossing was set in 1958 by Forest Johnson, with a time of six hours, 24 minutes. This beat the original record, set in 1922 by Gar Wood.


2015 Apache Powerboats World Speed Record

2015 Speed Run World Record

Driver and machine experiencing speeds of over 100 miles an hour, Apache Star is going to become a world breaking boat once again. Navigating through 3 to 6 foot seas, the Apache Star is the first recreational boat flying an American flag to arrive there with authorization in 50 years. Canonizing the number 50, synonymous with the Apache Star.


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